Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory/Auditory Neuroscience and Perception

The labs are used to pursue research and provide instruction in auditory evoked responses that are generated from the cochlea to the cortex for the study of stimulus detection, neurodiagnostics, and auditory processing. Studies have involved recording the auditory brainstem response, auditory steady state response, frequency following response, auditory middle latency response, and auditory cortical late potentials.

Current research focuses on the use of the P50 auditory cortical response in the assessment of sensory gating in clinical subpopulations, as well as parametric studies to identify optimum stimulus and recording parameters for the P50 and evaluating the nature of sensory gating. Directed by Drs. Ron D. Chambers and David M. Gooler, the labs are available to all faculty and students who are interested in auditory evoked responses, and currently support both faculty and student research projects.