Dr. Husain Receives DoD Grant

Dr. Fatima Husain has been awarded a grant from the Department of Defense/Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program peer-reviewed medical research program for the study “Identifying Subgroups of Tinnitus Using Novel Resting State fMRI Biomarkers and Cluster Analysis.”

The broad goal of this project is to link behavioral measures of tinnitus severity with brain imaging measures related to auditory, attention, and emotion processing in order to better understand the neural mechanisms underlying tinnitus. Data will be collected on about 200 participants at the University of Illinois (civilians) as well as at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center of Lackland Airforce Base, San Antonio (active duty service members).

The short-term impact of this research will be to (1) identify objective brain imaging biomarkers of tinnitus severity related to audition, emotion, and attention processing; (2) test reliability of using resting state functional brain imaging to identify these biomarkers; and, (3) determine commonalities and differences between similar subgroups of patients with varying tinnitus severity, in both military-affiliated and civilian populations.  The long-term impact will be to assess neuroplasticity in tinnitus and to facilitate testing of presently available interventions.