Required Clinical Practicum

Graduate students will be enrolled in clinical practicum (SHS 477/577) every semester for 1-4 hours. Every student who receives the Master of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science must complete at least 400 clock hours of clinical practicum supervised by individuals holding the appropriate certification from ASHA. 25 observation hours, that count towards the total 400 hours, are required before practicum hours may be acquired. At least 325 of these 400 hours must be at the graduate level.
The Illinois program uses the mentoring model of clinical instruction. Each semester, students are assigned to a team headed by a full-time clinical faculty member. Clinical faculty members have a caseload focusing on their areas of specialization. The team together serves the needs of the clients for the caseload of the clinical instructor. Faculty members supervise students with a variety of clients receiving evaluation or therapy either in the Speech-Language Pathology Clinic, Audiology Clinic, or in one of several off-campus sites. Clinical faculty monitor students experiences across the scope of practice and place students accordingly to provide opportunities for students to gain clinical experiences across a variety of age groups and diagnostic categories.

Clinical Practicum

  • SHS 477 Beginning Practicum in SHS
  • SHS 577 Advanced Practicum in SHS
  • SHS 576 School Internship Speech Language Pathology
  • SHS 577 Advanced Practicum in SHS

Full-Time External Placements

Once students have attained satisfactory levels of clinical competence, she or he in consultation with their clinical and academic advisors, are placed at full-time external sites. These assignments are possible in the Champaign-Urbana area or in other metropolitan areas such as Chicago and St. Louis. Most school placements are completed during the 2nd 8 weeks of the Spring II semester and most full-time medical external placements are completed during 10 weeks of Summer II.