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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Illinois is a research oriented degree that prepares students for academic research careers in the field of communication sciences and its disorders. The PhD program is rigorous in terms of expectations but flexible in terms of prerequisites, thereby allowing students to take advantage of the wide variety of courses and research labs available at the university in order to build their own individual expertise. In addition to completing an individualized program of coursework and research experiences, students will develop the necessary skills to review research, develop research questions, design studies, present at conferences, submit papers, and teach courses. Our goal is to prepare visionary leaders in translational research to fill a variety of influential career positions in communication sciences and its disorders, including academic appointments at research-intensive universities, research institutions, public agencies, and clinical research settings.

Doctoral degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are divided into three stages: Stage I, which includes the master's degree or its equivalent; Stage II, which is advanced course work and completion of all departmental requirements, with the exception of the dissertation defense and deposit; and Stage III, which is the conduct of the dissertation, its defense and deposit. For more information on Doctoral Degree Stages, refer to

Based on Graduate College requirements, students who enter the program in Stage I must complete their program (minimum of 96 semester hours) in seven years. Students entering in Stage II must complete their program (minimum of 64 semester hours) in six years. All students must maintain a 3.0 GPA, complete 64 hours of resident credit, pass a preliminary examination and successfully plan, conduct and defend a doctoral dissertation. See the Graduate College Handbook for details about these and other Graduate College policies. Students may enter the PhD in Speech and Hearing Science in either Stage I (from B.A./B.S.) or Stage II (from M.A./M.S.). Specific requirements for each stage of doctoral work in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science are outlined below.

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